List of LMV at Directorate

SNo. Registration Number Vehicle Make/Model Attached with Remark
1 AR-01J/6124 Mahindra Scorpio Hon'ble Minister (UD)
2 AR-01J5547 Mahindra Scorpio Parl. Secretary (UD)
3 AR-01F-0291 Renault Duster Secretary (UD)
4 AR-06A/9777 Toyota Innova CE-cum-Director
5 AR-06A/6121 Mahindra Scorpio CE-cum-Director
6 AR-01J/6121 Mahindra Scorpio CE-cum-Director
7 AR-01C/3930 Mahindra Bolero Director Housing
8 AR-01J/0060 Mahindra Scorpio Joint Director-I
9 AR-01C/0099 Verna Joint Director-I
10 AR-08A/0076 Mahindra Scorpio Joint Director-II
11 AR-06A /3121 Verna Joint Director (UD)
12 AR-01E/5663 Mahindra Bolero Sr. F.A.O
13 AR-08/7801 Maruti 800 Sr. F.A.O
14 AR-01D/4529 Mahindra Bolero DD (Arch)
15 AR-01G/6116 Mahindra Bolero DD (HQ-I)
16 AR-01J-6122 Mahindra Scorpio DD (HQ-II)
17 AR-01B/7471 Mahindra Scorpio DD (HQ-III)
18 AR-10-0016 Mahindra Bolero Chief Estimator
19 AR-01D/0134 Mahindra Bolero Off road
20 AR-01B/0015 Accent PS to HM[UD]
21 AR-01E /6073 Maruti Ecco  PS to CE-cum-Director
22 AR-01E/ 1006 Bajaj Platina Motor Cycle Account Branch

List of LMV & HMV at various Divisions

SNo. Name of Division Name of Town Light Motor Vehicle Heavy Motor Vehicle Remark
Registration No. Make/Model Registration No. Make/Model
1 Seppa Seppa AR-05-2800 (Bolero)[DD] Mahindra AR-05/-1965 [Tipper] Tata
AR-05-1712 (Bolero) [UPO] Mahindra AR-05/1744 [Tipper ] Tata
- - AR-05/3620 [Tipper ] Tata
2 Ziro Ziro AR-06-9151 (Scorpio) Mahindra AR-06-5992 (Tipper Truck ) Tata
AR-06-0084[Bolero] Mahindra AR-06A/0051 (Tipper Truck) Tata
- - New Tipper  Truck BS III 909 Tata
- - New Tipper BSIII Truck  Tata
3 Koloriang Koloriang AR-01G/6122(Bolero) Mahindra AR-15-0053 (Tipper Truck) Tata
- - AR-15-0068 [TATA ACE] Tata
4 Yingkiong Yingkiong AR-14-0037 (Bolero) [Deputy Director] Mahindra AR-14/0903 (Tipper 709) Tata
AR-01G-6115 (Bolero) Mahindra AR-14-0134  (Tipper 909) Tata
AR-14-0122 (Mahindra Invader) [UPO] Mahindra AR-14-0135 Mahindra-407 Loadking(Tipper) Off road Tata
- - AR-01J-7142[Tata-909 Tipper] Tata
5 Pasighat Pasighat AR-01G/6119(Bolero) [Dy. Director] Mahindra - -
6 Basar Basar AR-01D-3851 (Scorpio) [Dy. Director] Mahindra

AR-08-7843 (TRACTOR)

Off road

AR-08-7457 (Bolero) [UPO]

Off road
Mahindra AR-08A-1722 (TIPPER Truck) TATA


Off road

AR-08A/0087(Tipper Truck)

- - AR-08A/0086(Tata Mobile) TATA
- - AR-08A/0085(Tata Mobile) TATA
- - AR-08A/0089(JCB) TATA
7 Roing Roing AR-01E-5950 (Scorpio) [Deputy Director] Mahindra

[Tipper Truck]


AR-16-9999 (Bolero)

Off Road

AR-16-8061 (JCB )


AR-16-6804 (4 wheeler [Animal pickup van])

Off road

AR-16/6170 (Road roller)


AR-16-6803 (3 wheeler [Animal pickup van])

Off road

AR-16/6171 (Tipper Truck)

Off road

AR-16-6801 (3 wheeler [Animal pickup van])

Off road

AR-16/4659 (Tipper Truck)

Off road

AR-16-8056(3 Wheeler A.P.V)

Off road

AR-16/2388 (Tipper Truck)

Off road

AR-16-6802 (3 wheeler [Animal pickup van])

Off road
Mahindra - -
8 Jairampur Jairampur AR-12-3681 (Pick up van) Piaggio Mahindra AR-12-3679 (Tipper) TATA
Vibrator - AR-12-2901 (Tractor) Mahindra
- -

AR-12-3680 BEML Loader

9 Khonsa Khonsa AR-01J/6985(Bolero)[Dy. Director, Khonsa] Mahindra AR-13/2870 (Tipper) [Khonsa ] TATA
AR-13-3933 (Bolero) [UPO, Deomali] Mahindra AR-13/2871 (Tipper) [Khonsa] TATA
- - AR-13/5837(Tipper)[Khonsa] TATA
- - AR-13/5836 (Tipper) [Deomali] TATA
- - AR-13-2807 & 2808[Tractor with Trailar] Mahindra
10 Hawai Hawai AR-01D-4527(Bolera)[Dy. Director] Mahindra AR-01J-9586(LVC 909 Tipper) TATA
AR-01C-9491 (Bolero) [UPO] Mahindra AR-17-0278( LCV 909 Tipper) TATA
- -

AR-01-7072 (Mini Truck)

Off road
11 Namsai Namsai


[Dy. Director, Namsai]
Mahindra AR-20/0021[Tipper Truck] TATA
- - AR-20/0085[Tipper Truck] TATA
- - AR-16/4336 (Tractor with Trailer No.4337) TATA
12 Longding Longding AR-01J/6986(Bolero)[Dy. Director] Mahindra AR-18-0052 (Tipper Truck) TATA
- - AR-02/7338(Tata Tipper) TATA
- - AR-18/0744(Tipper Truck) TATA
13 Changlang Changlang AR-04/6121( Scorpio)[Dy. Director] Mahindra AR-12-3945 (Tipper) TATA
AR-01J/6983(Bolero)[ UPO] Mahindra AR-12-3944 (Exvator) TATA
AR-12-6113 (Tata Ace HT Facelift) Off road Mahindra Road Roller  TATA
AR-12-6067 (Three Wheeler) Off road Mahindra - -

AR-12-6068 (Three Wheeler)

Off road
Mahindra - -
AR-12-6069 (Three Wheeler) Off road Mahindra - -
14 Palin Palin AR-01G/6120(Bolero) Mahindra New Tipper Truck Truck TATA
15 Tezu Tezu AR-10-0100 (Scorpio) Dy. Director Mahindra AR-11A/0040(TATA Ace ) TATA
AR-01G/6123(Bolero) UPO Mahindra AR-11/7643 (Tata Tipper Truck) 8 TATA


 Off Road

AR-11/0664 (Tractor)

Off road

AR-01A-1551 (Gypsy)

Off  road
- AR-11A-0059[Tata Tipper] TATA
16 Anini Anini AR-10-0033 [Scorpio] [Deputy Director] Off road Mahindra AR-10-0035 [Tipper Truck] TATA
AR-01E-6336 (Scorpio) Mahindra Tractor  Off road Mahindra
- - A/F[ Tipper Truck BSIII] TATA
17 Aalo Aalo AR-08A-3352 (Scorpio) [Deputy Director] Mahindra AR-08A-0694 ICV (TIPPER) TATA
AR-01E-5726 (Bolero) [UPO] Mahindra AR-08-2791 (MINI TRUCK 407) TATA
- - AR-01B/8830(Tipper Truck) TATA
- - AR-08A-3021 (Tipper) TATA
- -

AR-01B-8830 (TIPPER)

Off road
18 Boleng Boleng AR-01G/6118(Bolero) Mahindra AR-21/0100(Tipper truck) TATA

AR-01-0075 (Bolero)

Off road
Mahindra AR-21/0099 (Tipper Truck) TATA
- -

AR-09/3193  (Tipper Truck)

Off road
19 Daporijo Daporijo AR-07/2513 (Bolero) [Deputy Director] Mahindra AR-07/4337(Tata 909 Tipper) TATA
AR-07/4338(Tata Pickup) TATA New Tipper Truck,909 TATA
AR-07/4339(Tata Pick up) TATA AR-07/4340 (Tata ACE) TATA
20 Capital Complex Capital Complex AR-01E-9942  (Bolero) [Deputy Director] Mahindra AF (Truck mounted suction) TATA
AR-01J/6123(Scorpio) Mahindra AF (Truck mounted suction) TATA
- - AF (Truck mounted suction) TATA
21 Itanagar Itanagar AR-01D 9677 (Bolero) [Deputy Director] Mahindra AR-01C/3776 (909 TT) TATA
AR-16/7874(Scorpio) Mahindra AR-01C/4599 (407 TT) TATA
AR-01C-0036 (Bolero) [UPO Itanagar] Mahindra New Tipper Truck,909 TATA
AR-01E-9675 (Bolero) [UPO Sagalee] Mahindra

New Ace Tipper 2.2

AR-01E-0878 (Bolero) [UPO Yupia] Mahindra - -
22 Bomdila Bomdila AR-09A 3121 (Scorpio) [Deputy Director] Mahindra AR/04/2899 (TATA 709) TATA
AR-04-5336 (Bolero) [UPO] Mahindra AR-04/5579  (TIPP-LPK909) TATA
AR-04-5938 (Bolero) [UPO Dirang] Mahindra AR-04/5635 (TIPP-LPK909) TATA
AR-01C-1049 (Sumo victa) Off road TATA - -
23 Tawang Tawang AR-01E-0879(Bolero) Mahindra AR-02-7339(Tipper) TATA
- - AR-03-3088(Tipper) TATA
- -


Off road