Message from the Chief Engineer-cum-Director's Desk


The concerns for degradation of environment have drawn the attention of global communities now more than ever. The effects of global warming and shrinking of green cover of the planet has started to negate the developmental efforts. The negative impacts of the economic activities have threatened not only the flora and fauna but very existence of human life. The sustainable development with green concern is the new mantra now.

In Arunachal Pradesh, we have been living with nature in perfect harmony since time immemorial. But with the advent of modern life style and in the pace of rapid urbanisation, the environmental degradation is growing. The pollution of rivers, littering of places of tourist interest with plastics, bottles and other non biodegradable items are causing great dangers to our environments.

In urban areas, the problems are more acute. The use of plastics, polythene, plastics in form of sachets etc without any control has caused harm to our otherwise a clean environment and surroundings. The garbage production is increasing day by day and the efforts of the Department of Urban Development in garbage disposal are now becoming herculean task. Though the efforts so far have been worth appreciable, the complete sanitation awareness will come only with the help of our common public. We should dispose all our bio-degradable waste in our backyard instead of dumping them outside. The members of every household need a basic sensitization towards cleanliness in their locality. The homemakers and house maids should be properly guided to neatly stack the garbage which cannot be disposed in their backyard to designated dustbins. This will go a long way to make our locality both urban and rural, a healthy and eco friendly place besides imparting a habit in our young generation concern for clean and healthy environment.